Legend Valve

Legend Valve prides itself on its innovative solutions for customers, such as its new HyperPure flexible tubing.

By Chris Petersen

Since its inception, Legend Valve has been built around service. President and CEO David Hickman says the company’s ability to develop, design and patent innovative valve and fitting products to solve specific problems for its customers has been one of the company’s strongest advantages over the years.

Legend Valve continues to build on that legacy with groundbreaking new products like its most recent development, the HyperPure flexible potable water tube system. Combined with the company’s existing strengths, the HyperPure system gives Legend Valve a strong position for future growth and yet another platform from which it can provide solutions for its customers.


For more than two decades, Spring Scaffolding has helped its customers to complete their projects in a safe and prompt fashion. The company has become a leading supplier of sidewalk pedestrian bridges and scaffolding to the construction industry in New York City and its surrounding areas.

“I joined Spring Scaffolding eight years ago,” President William Laffey says. “Our current management team took over in 2011, and we’ve continued to improve substantially over the last four years. We are reaching new heights with exceptional service and safety.”

When builders go to work on a site with contaminated soil, the dirt may have to be removed but that does not mean it has to go directly to a landfill. Instead, Oracle Trucking Inc. is in the business of helping that soil find a new life elsewhere.

Based in Lyndhurst, N.J., the company provides management, removal, disposal and transportation services for these contaminated materials. President Marina Rodrigues started the company in February 2005.

Jennifer Muhlrad is always open to good advice. When a mentor suggested she forgo graduate school and enter the New York City distribution market, she listened. And when Muhlrad’s newly formed distribution company, Montana, found early success, her mentor reminded her to never forget where she came from.

Muhlrad, owner and president of Montana, has taken those words to heart throughout her nearly 20 years in business. The construction cable and wire distributor has maintained a grounded outlook on its business and clients, an approach that helped the company survive even during the lean years of the Great Recession. No customer is too small, Muhlrad says, because even small customers can become big ones over time. “We’ll never lose sight of that,” she says.

When the ocean is surging around your beachfront home during a storm and the wind is howling against the windows, a resilient concrete house built to withstand the forces of Mother Nature sounds like a pretty good idea.  For some residents of the aptly named Breezy Point – a final spit of beach inside the limits of New York City before the Atlantic Ocean takes over – a new concrete home design from Leeward Living makes sense.

“We really designed the home with the most resilience we could,” President James Willmer points out. The exterior of the homes look like they are covered with regular clapboard siding, but instead of the siding ripping off in high winds, it is molded into the concrete exterior walls. “Nothing rips off in a storm,” Willmer insists. “Even the pitched roof and gutters are concrete.” The outer concrete shell of the house protects a conventional home inside. “Inside is all normal sheetrock,” Willmer points out. “You never know you’re living in a concrete bunker except when you need it to protect you.”

For more than 40 years, Cosmos Manufacturing Inc. has prided itself on its ability to provide its customers with high-quality parts. “What we try to do is support our customers with a professional, well-made product,” says John Michelon, president of the South Chicago Heights, Ill.-based company.

Michelon founded Cosmos Manufacturing in 1972. For much of its history, Cosmos has specialized in manufacturing exhaust products such as mufflers for OEMs of lawn and garden products including lawnmowers and hand-held power equipment. 

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