Denham WolfProviding nonprofits with transaction, development and project management services allows Denham Wolf to help improve New York City communities.

By Eric Slack

Founded in 1998, Denham Wolf Real Estate Services has become a key resource for New York City’s nonprofit community. Through the company’s transaction, development and project management capabilities, Denham Wolf has been able to partner with hundreds of nonprofits and have a hand in shaping millions of square feet across New York City.

WellbuiltStarting a company during the Great Recession taught Wellbuilt’s founders and partners the importance of operating lean.

By Jim Harris

Scott Lumby and Mitch Kidd admit that the timing of their decision to start their own company could have been better. The two established Wellbuilt Co. in 2008, shortly after the onset of the Great Recession.

Northern Bay

Tackling many project types for a variety of clients, Northern Bay Contractors has built a legacy of success over its quarter-century of business.

By Eric Slack

Celebrating 25 years in the construction industry, Northern Bay Contractors has transformed from a small carpentry company into a multifaceted leading player in the Tri-State drywall and general contracting sector. Founded in 1991, the company has built a history of quality and reliability by advancing with the times, adopting new technologies, promoting continued education and developing lasting relationships with design teams and clients.

“One of our keys to success has been our ability to transform and adapt to the projects we undertake,” President Adam Weitman says. “While specializing in a certain area proves beneficial to some of our competitors, we are strong believers in vast diversification. At any given time, we will have teams working in areas from conservation and preservation to infrastructure enhancement and mission critical.”


DataGryd’s efforts are transforming a historic Manhattan building into a future-proof, world-class, high-tech data center.

By Chris Petersen

There may be no better metaphor for the progress communication technology has made over the last century than what is going on at 60 Hudson Street in Manhattan. The former headquarters of Western Union is undergoing a massive $100 million transformation into a modern data network hub courtesy of DataGryd Data Centers. The leader in data center development and operations in Manhattan, DataGryd is transforming the Art Deco building into the most sophisticated and flexible data center in Manhattan, and founder and CEO Peter Feldman says the end-result should be a major step forward for the company and telecommunications on the island as a whole.

DataGryd was founded in 2011, when it leased four floors at 60 Hudson Street and began upgrading those floors to accommodate the infrastructure needed to host data centers for customers. Today, the company occupies space on over nine floors of the building, and the company’s latest upgrade of the building is its most ambitious to date.

JMA Wireless

JMA Wireless has experienced tremendous growth with its wireless infrastructure solutions and is becoming more involved with vertically integrated industries.

By Tim O'Connor

The Super Bowl is one of the largest annual events in the world. The 2016 NFL championship drew an average of 111.9 million viewers from home and another 71,088 in the stands.

When the world’s eyes are upon you, nothing can go wrong. Pulling off such a large event requires detailed coordination from state and NFL officials down to the ball boys and technical contractors. For this year’s Super Bowl Sunday, JMA Wireless’ job was to ensure everyone sitting in Levi’s Stadium could soak in the jarring hits and finesse passes on the field without a second thought about cell phone signal and speeds when they sent a halftime selfie to their friends.


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