ThinkstockPhotos 900629074By Felix Vasquez

The (NAHB) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) project positive economic growth in 2018.  The NAHB expects a 7.9 percent increase in single family housing starts this year. With tax reform in place promising to further historically low unemployment rates and higher wages, we see a great opportunity for builders to perform in 2018.  

However, builders still wrestle with a list of critical issues – discerning homeowners, an on-going labor shortage, additional business management activities, an increase of products to track and manage – creating a productivity/profit dilemma. Builders need to keep their crews working at maximum productivity, while selling what they build at a maximum profits, especially as construction costs are predicted to remain high and even climb in many markets, potentially eroding hard-earned profits.

4 Preconstruction Considerations to Know Before You Break GroundBy Lauren Topor-Reichert

The preconstruction process is essential. It involves the fundamental planning that not only defines a specific project, but also identifies potential problems and analyzes costs. The preconstruction process should be deployed as early as possible, as it defines the project scope, cost and schedule. Preconstruction efforts can have a significant impact on a project, as it can reduce the number of changes, schedule variations and unexpected costs of a project. While the preconstruction process will vary by project, adhering to these four considerations is crucial.

3 Strategic Resources to Accelerate Your Construction Business SuccessBy Roy Rasmussen

The construction industry is booming, with 75 percent of firms expanding their payrolls this year in light of optimism over falling taxes and regulatory burdens, according to the Associated General Contractors of America.

However, offsetting this is concerns that steel tariffs will increase the overall costs of construction and infrastructure projects, thereby raising the cost of raw materials and causing layoffs.

As construction firms grapple with this sense of optimism and challenge, experts say it's important to do everything in your power to capitalize on opportunities and offset costs. Here are three strategic resources that can help propel your construction business to the next level.

Blog 71 Heavy CivilBy Brian Binke

It’s a good time to be involved with the construction industry. Members of Congress have been discussing legislation that could lead to spending $1.5 trillion on improving the country’s infrastructure. Candidates with the right skills will continue to be in high demand as a number of significant projects have been announced or are already underway. Heavy civil construction recruiters are partnering with relevant companies to find people who are skilled in building everything from roads and bridges to dams and sewers. Here are a few heavy civil construction projects from around the country.

Blog 65 VeteransBy Brian Binke

As commercial construction recruiting firms continue to look for new ways to solve the labor shortage impacting the industry, a growing number of search consultants are reaching out to military veterans to fill vacant construction jobs. Not only are military veterans taking the oath of enlistment to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, many of them are also signing up to help rebuild the infrastructure of America.

ThinkstockPhotos 598700166By Robert Slocomb 

“There is no best solution to a safety problem. There are a variety of directions to go. Each of these directions may produce some degree of risk reduction.”  Air Force Safety Handbook

Every year, companies large and small spend fortunes on safety, and the heavy civil company I work for is no exception. It’s impossible to say which safety methods work best, because all systems have varying degrees of reducing risk. 

shutterstock 770875378

By Sara Parker

It's the beginning of a new year, and that means new trends are popping up left and right. While your construction crew may not need to follow the Pantone color of the year, they do need to understand what's happening currently and what's on the horizon in the home industry. The following are just a few reasons why your crew needs to stay up to date:

Blog 54 SafetyBy Brian Binke

Some construction employers prioritize productivity over safety. Although meeting deadlines is important in the construction industry, it should never come at the cost of a human life. Collapsing building materials, overhead power lines and heavy machinery are just a few of the potential dangers in commercial construction jobs that can all be avoided with the proper safety protocols.

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